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CPT stands for Crossplatform Toolkit. After knowing what CPT stands for, it's pretty obvious what it does. Basically, every time I notice something that isn't portable or interferes with portability that is pretty easy to wrap, I incorporated it into the library.

Short History
CPT is the evolution of libHFS. libHFS was my wrapper for common filesystem interaction tasks. Things like changing directories, moving files, et cetera. CPT supports this, but it also adds other things, like sockets and threading.

Supported Platforms
Currently, supported platforms include releases of Windows after 95 OCR2 until now and any OS with sufficient support of the POSIX libraries and certain BSD components (Linux, BSD, others). I would love to support MacOS, but I don't have the resources or time to do this on my own (yet). Mac OS X may be supported since it is unix derived, but I haven't tested this (please tell me the results if you do test it).

Like libHFS, CPT is under a zlib/libpng derived license. See this page for more information.

CPT is written in ANSI C. Currently, I (Paul Varga) am the only developer of CPT. It's not a big project, so it doesn't take much work. I don't use CVS for development, since using SourceForge's CVS has turned out to be quite a hassle, especially for a project this small (when something goes wrong, I have to wait for them to fix it).

  • Marty Dill: Fixed an issue in libHFS to allow porting to FreeBSD.
  • Malcolm Slaney and Ken Turkowski: Wrote the code that I used for IEEE float conversion (see src/floattype.c for a full copyright statement).

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